News & Updates 1/15/21

From Todd:

I hope everyone has a safe and restful long weekend. It was great to get the school back into a bit of a routine this week. I was also thrilled to complete our second round of COVID testing, and I will email regarding results as needed. Thursdays will continue to be our testing day until February Break. We will communicate with the PK and K families who will be tested, as those two grades will be processed at the tent starting at 8:00 on Thursdays. It has been going very well, and it is clear that the students have become accustomed to the “nose tickles.”  

However, even in the New Year, there are always unexpected moments…...

I Need a Test Please

It was a busy drop off this morning, and we were a bit short handed. The line was approaching the street, and I was waving cars into the parking lot. One vehicle, that I didn’t recognize, was stopped at the top of the loop. I approached the car, and there was an older woman who didn’t look familiar, but it is not unusual for a grandparent who I have not met to drop off a student. Instinctively, I opened the back door, but there were no child in the back seat. I looked at the driver, and we made eye contact. I am pretty sure she recognized my confusion even through my mask.

“I need a test please,” she said.

“A test?” I asked.

“A Covid test. Should I pull up?”

“We don’t do Covid testing for the public,” I responded.

“But I waited in this line, and on your web site it says you do Covid testing for free starting at 7:30,” the woman said adjusting her mask.

“Sorry that you waited, but you are in the wrong place.”

“Isn’t this the VFW? I saw all the cars and figured this was the VFW line.”

I briefly pondered adding her to the faculty pool for testing!

“Nope, this is the New School student drop off line. Take a left out of the driveway a right on Milestone, and your first road on the right will be the VFW. Good luck and be well.” I waved goodbye as she zipped around the loop scowling.

Zoom In?

I love to teach writing, and I love to talk with our teachers about how they are working with New School writers on their word skills. Yesterday, the Kindergarten class was working on being more specific in their writing and trying to get more details in their work. The teacher was using the example of the lens of the camera, and she asked that the students “zoom in” so they could see more details. She asked if everyone understood what it meant to “zoom in” on an object.  One of her students quickly responded that he understood what the phrase meant. “It’s when you are sick and you can’t come to school.  You use your computer to 'Zoom in' and you see your friends and you are in class.” Yes, these days I guess it means that too.

Have a great weekend!
Todd Eveleth, Head of School

Nantucket New School