News & Updates 6/4/21

From Todd:

This morning an 8th grader delivered her graduation speech in the lunchroom to her parents, classmates, and a handful of faculty members. She is heading off island for a special camp experience and will not be at graduation. The speech was excellent, and it used the symbolism of going outside in the rain as a way to talk about pursuing new adventures and leaving your comfort zone. For me, it brought a very real sense that the year was coming to a close, and I will readily admit, it is the first time I have felt that way. And yes, I got emotional as I looked out at the other soon-to-be graduates sitting in attendance listening to their classmate say farewell. 
Later in the day, I watched the 1st graders present their bird projects proudly at Morning Meeting. They were confident and authentic as they discussed why their bird was the “best.” Every year, the bird project is an important part of the science curriculum for the 1st grade, and it was clear that even in a pandemic year that was true.
There was a time when I doubted whether we would have our usual bird projects and graduation speeches. I vividly remember a Sunday afternoon in September. It was after the first week of school, and I was on the phone with Chris Brannigan. A student in the Early School had   developed a fever over the weekend, and I was relatively certain that we would be moving to “remote learning” for the foreseeable future. I was on my cell phone, and I paced along the edge of the campus from the Lower School playground to the archery range and then to the basketball hoop. My overwhelming feeling was “this is over.” After dozens of phone calls, Chris, the admin team, and I opted to stay the course.  As we waited the 48 hours for test results, the mood was surreal, but in the end it was just a cold. I am not sure how many times over the course of the year we received an email that said “just a cold” or “just allergies” or “just the sniffles” but it felt like a daily experience.
The year became a series of waiting games. We waited for test results, and we waited for new guidance from state, federal, and local agencies. TK and I waited in line at the FedEx office with boxes of what the PK had started to call “bogie samples,” and all this waiting left little time to think about the normal progression of the year. Perhaps, that is why the graduation speech and bird projects had such a major impact on me. The 8th grade author reflected on so many positive things that happened to her in the last two years. She spoke about the relationships at school that were special to her. She talked about all the new experiences that she took on, and how she overcame academic challenges that were offered to her. The 1st graders clearly took their project seriously and were well-practiced when it was their turn. If I closed my eyes and took off my mask, these moments could have been from a non-pandemic school year, and that realization was so refreshing.
All morning, I  was reminded of what a strong group of talented students we have at the New School and what an amazing job they did this year. Maybe this year was more traditional for them than I thought. Maybe once again, our children have shown a greater level of recovery than the adults.  Regardless, as I watch these students complete their days I am so impressed by their courage, perseverance, and connections. These students have made new friends, grown their academic skills, connected with adults, and advanced their character. It was not always easy for me to see that happening this year, but one 8th grader and 12 1st graders helped me see a bit more clearly today, and I will make sure to watch closely as we wrap up the school year and celebrate every students’ achievements. 
Today we had a bonus pizza day thanks to an outside sponsor. As I inhaled a few slices with the Kindergarten class, I thought this week’s pizza tasted better than ever.  Thanks to the Massey family for allowing us to celebrate our last Friday of the school year with a special lunch.
A week from today on Friday, June 11, we will kick off the summer with a happy hour for parents. We would love to see a great turn out and please take the time to RSVP for the parent social by clicking here.
Be well,
Todd Eveleth, Head of School
Hip Hip Hooray for Summer birthdays!
7/1      Emmett Graziadei    1st
7/2      Mae Turner    5th
7/2      Samuel Turner    7th
7/2      Tessa Beni    K
7/2      Riley Massey    PK
7/4      Travers Grant, Jr    PK
7/6      Ridley Stanton    5th
7/8      Mason Scotto    1st
7/8      Andrew Akins    PK
7/9      Lillian Lindvall    7th
7/13    Howard Waig    K
7/17    Markus Vitanov    5th
7/19    Isla Grimes    3rd
7/21    Tanner King    4th
7/22    Pierson Beale    PK
7/23    James Dutra    7th
7/23    Matvei Shubin    4th
7/23    Juliette Bell    3rd
7/23    Dalton Frazier    3rd
7/26    Robert Brescher    1st
7/27    Luca Landt    6th
7/29    Madison Massey    3rd

8/7      Frey Scotto    PK
8/13    Ellis Robinson    7th
8/13    James Houghton    6th
8/13    Hayden Williams    K
8/18    Henry Johnson    2nd
8/23    Colum Daly    6th
8/29    Lily Chibnik    6th
8/30    Chase Boyd    1st
8/30    Curren Wiggin    8th

Tuesday, June 8: End of Semester 2
  • Report Cards will be available by the end of the next week.
Wednesday, June 9: Last Day of School
  • Spring Carnival (Field Day), Last Pizza Day!
Thursday, June 10: Graduation - No School
  • Due to State regulations only graduates, their guests, speakers, and faculty & staff may attend.
Friday, June 11: Parent Social from 4-6 p.m. If you haven't RSVP'ed already- Click here to RSVP!
  • Please note: This is an event for current parents only. We can't wait to see you then!

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