News & Updates 6/18/21

Happy Summer!

Good evening. Below this message, you'll find a link to access your child's Report Card. There is a great deal reflected in these reports, but somewhat beyond that scope is the deep sense of the pride that I have in all our students for their efforts, perseverance, and responsiveness during a challenging time. I am so proud of them for truly maintaining a positive approach as we adjusted to a very different year.
I also want to take this opportunity to congratulate the students from the class of 2021. Although this did not look like our traditional graduation, it certainly was a special morning on campus. Perhaps it was the impact of the pandemic, but the student speeches were more emotional, funny, and authentic than ever. The weather was spectacular, and I am relatively certain that everyone who attended will support holding all future graduations under that beautiful tent from Nantucket Party Rentals- thank you TJ and Laura!!
I could not send my last update without including some quotes from our 8th grade graduation speeches:
“Not many words describe the New School well, but the closest word I can think of is warm. It’s the type of warmth that you get when you are making a s’more, the type of warmth you get when you are laughing with a friend, the type of warmth you get when you are at home.”
“At NNS, I’ve made new friendships, I’ve learned through hands-on experiences, I’ve made more memories, and I’ve overcome difficulties. Above all, NNS has taught me the importance of teamwork.”
“Future students should know that NNS isn’t just a school, it’s a home, a family, and frankly, the best thing that ever happened to me.”
“Throughout these past eleven years, I have made so many memories, met so many people, and learned so much. I have made lifelong friendships and relationships with my peers and teachers. I have laughed and shed tears. This is the place where I grew up to be the person I am today.”
“The absolute tools that life provides aren’t paddles, they're sails. You can steer them in different angles, but you’re still gonna go in life’s general direction. But we’re all sailing on the same river and whatever I become, I know I’ll have the New School to thank for it.” 
It was truly an amazing ceremony, and I am so proud of the class of 2021 for the emotional speeches they provided to the audience.
Since graduation, the campus has been buzzing with the activity of our two summer camps. Strong Wings started on Monday and the Nantucket New Camp starts on June 21. 
We have also been wrapping up the school year, and prepping for next year. For new and returning families, you should be hearing from your teachers in the coming weeks. The 2021-2022 calendar is part of this email, but please check the calendar at My New School regularly for updates.
On a personal note, Karen and I will be heading to Maine to visit family next week. This trip will officially kick off our summer vacation and put the 2020-2021 school year into the history books. As I consider one or two final words of reflection, I can only find a heartfelt “thank you.”  To staff, parents, students, and friends, your support, generosity, commitment, and understanding allowed us to provide these students with the gifts of connection, education, and that feeling you get when you make a s’more. 
Have a great summer and thank you. 
Todd Eveleth, Head of School

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