From Todd:

Earlier this week one of the student rapid tests came back with a very faint indication of a positive result. It was very faint, but we wanted to be sure, so we found the little girl who had given the sample, and we retested. We sat with her in the office while she waited for the test results, and she was nothing short of courageous. We made silly small talk, and I of course asked her questions about her favorite foods, but it was clear she was very nervous about a second test. 

The time trickled by and the closer we got to the end of the 15 minutes the faster she spoke. She talked about her hobbies and pets. She talked about clubs she was involved with and her summer activities. We all learned a lot about this amazing little girl in those 15 minutes. And when a clear negative test result came back she politely thanked us and hustled back to class without hesitation.

I have no doubt that these amazing children are more adaptable and resilient than I certainly am. The New School students are doing a great job with the start of the school year under still challenging conditions. We are all still learning the routines, but every new day feels a bit more comfortable, and I remain so proud of our students’ effort. Thank you for your support.

Morning Meeting
We will start our online morning meetings this Monday. Just as we did last year, we will have morning meetings on Monday and Wednesday and the link to join is below. The first week will be led by our 8th graders. As guidance allows, we will move Morning Meetings to the Peace Garden with the full school. Ultimately, we all can’t wait to be in the Great Hall as a full community.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 871 3016 6484
Passcode: 4rraWa

Back to School Night
During the month of September, we continue to be cautious about large events and breaking cohorts. With that in mind, we will be holding the Back to School Night and the Annual Meeting via Zoom on Wednesday, 9/22 at 6:00 p.m. After some brief remarks from our Board Chair, Courtney McKechnie and from me, there will be a community wide vote about the slate of trustees. Once that portion of the evening concludes you will exit that meeting and go to a virtual meeting that will be with your child’s class. If you have children in different classes, please feel free to pop in and out. You'll find all the links in the "Next Week" section below.

As soon as mask mandates are lifted, and we see continued progress with Covid numbers, we will host a “make up” Open House for all families so that you can see the classrooms and connect casually with teachers. 

Testing Update
There has been some media coverage about the lack of Covid testing supplies for schools. The state expected 1000 schools to enroll in their testing program and more than 2200 applied. We were very lucky to have already been working with the lab that is handling the state’s testing and that allowed us to start ordering supplies early. Recently, Danielle successfully refilled our testing supplies three days before they were going to run out. We are well stocked and will be in great shape to continue with the Test & Stay protocols and in school testing if needed.

Hopefully, you all received an email rescheduling the picnic to October 1. I am sure it will end up being a beautiful afternoon today, but with the field a bit wetter than we anticipated, and a possible surprise shower moving in from the southeast, we wanted to make sure we could hold a safe picnic that needs to be outside. My apologies to the few people who asked about the picnic at drop off, as I gave them bad information. I also apologize to everyone who prepared  food to bring and got late word of the cancellation. Fingers crossed that everything lines up on October 1. 

Have a great weekend.

Todd Eveleth, Head of School

Nantucket New School