News & Updates 4/1/22

From Todd:

April Fools!!!
I can remember writing an update last year about my fear of April Fools Day, and as I start writing this piece on March 31, my nerves are just a bit twitchy. My anxiety goes way back. It was a family legend that when my father was born, my grandmother forced a nurse to write April 2 on his birth certificate even though he was born on the first so that he would not have a birthday on April Fools Day. That seems a bit extreme, but my grandmother always seemed like a very serious person. For my father’s entire life, we started wishing him happy birthday for two days starting on April 1.

There is no question that I will stay on the move all day Friday, but I am considering putting together a couple fake positive rapid tests….too soon? Definitely.

Coin Wars
Valentino Deng made an incredible impression on our students during his visit.  Mr. Deng has opened schools that support boys and girls in Sudan who go on to learn skills ranging from sewing to engineering, and the education provides the graduates with much needed jobs. Our fifth graders have taken charge of raising money for the VAD Foundation, and for the last week every student has been watching the Coin Wars containers carefully. If a student puts change into a bucket it counts as a positive, but if a student puts paper money in another class's bucket, that amount is subtracted from the total. There is a particularly intense battle between the 5th and 6th grade, and the counting process should go late into the night. All of the proceeds will go directly to support tuition for children in South Sudan. During morning meeting this week, we discussed what life is like for refugees during a conflict, and the presentations seemed all too timely based on what is going on in the Ukraine. The 5th graders presented children’s books dealing with the tragedy in Sudan that has displaced 4.3 million South Sudanese and resulted in the deaths of more than 500,000 people. There is no question that your children responded to this humanitarian crisis in such a beautiful and understanding way.

April Fools Update
It is now Friday afternoon and the pranks have been fast and furious throughout the day, but the faculty are holding their own. One teacher gave out a word search with the standard list of words at the bottom of the page and a jumble of letters above, but there were no words in the jumble. We did have a couple of twins switching identities, and it was very impressive work in the tradition of the classic Disney movie The Parent Trap.

Morning Meeting Parent Invite
We will continue to live stream Morning Meetings for a bit, but we are also at the point where we would like to invite families to attend in person if they are comfortable. Each week a grade is assigned to host the meetings, and we would like to limit the audience to families of students in that grade. This is not a Covid restriction, rather, I am concerned that we would have more than 100 family members arrive at the Great Hall, and it is already a bit crowded. Family members are welcome to sit on the benches in the back of the room or stand behind them. We will open up the meetings more in the future, but at this point, if your child’s class is presenting, please feel free to join us for Morning Meetings on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Ever Grateful,
Todd Eveleth
Head of School

Nantucket New School