News & Updates 09/30/22

From Todd:

It’s amazing how excited a student can get when they win the “Best Lower School Limbo Award” at Field Day. All the awards were made of high quality cardboard cutouts that looked like olympic medals and had multicolored glitter glued to the edges. The medals hung from long nylon ribbons, and if they cost more than 25 cents I would be surprised. But as awards were given for highest jump, best soccer kick, most spirited, best attitude, fastest, happiest, and best face paint, these kids, both young and old, jumped for absolute joy. One student even asked me for a zip lock bag to protect the glitter on his new cardboard heirloom.

Today was a massive old-school success of a Field Day, and thank you to Matt Bulmer for putting it all together and serving as our emcee all day.

Interestingly, my greatest takeaway after today's event is quite simply: we are back. Today was the absolute reincarnation of the Field Days from yesteryear, and although our “drive thru” cohorted field day was creative during the pandemic, today had the energy, joy, and sportsmanship of the real thing. We were even able to get TJ Grant to join us as a substitute Silver Team coach, and he was as loud and fun as ever.

I spent a good portion of the morning with two 8th graders running the limbo portion of the obstacle course and the three of us discovered a new love for Calypso music. I will be humming Chubby Checker’s Limbo Rock for the rest of the weekend, and I highly recommend the Limbo Party Songs playlist on Spotify. How low can you go?

Today, I watched Upper School students run next to Lower School students urging them on, helping through events, and cheering them selflessly. One 3rd grade student missed the presentation of his award because he was in the bathroom, and when he returned, the crowd erupted with applause and chanted his name until was able to go forward and pick up his prize. It was actually hard to tell if anyone was trying to win an event or not because students were stopping to help friends from other teams, and that is absolutely how it should be.

And how about our 8th graders…They made this community proud with their preparation, sportsmanship, and most importantly their commitment to the younger students. Today, our 8th graders set a very high bar for leadership, and I am so proud of what they accomplished. If you are a parent of an 8th grader, please pass along our sincere thanks for the best Field Day I have ever experienced. After seeing them in action today, I have no doubt that the 8th graders will truly make this a great year for the whole community.

Today the teachers and students of the New School absolutely nailed it, and although there were some tired adults shuffling out of the building this afternoon, I already cannot wait to do this again in the spring. Have a great weekend and good luck scalloping!!

Ever Grateful,
Todd Eveleth
Head of School
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