News & Updates 11/18/22

From Todd:

I apologize for the rather short update today. The preparations and the excitement of our first Grandparent and Special Friends Day in three years took a lot out of the office this week. That said, it was an amazing day, and I was overwhelmingly proud of every student performer and presenter. These events should always be a showcase for the students, and they surpassed our expectations yet again. There is no official record, but I would be surprised if there has ever been more families and friends for this event in the history of the school. 

Above all else, thank you for coming out and showing your support for these amazing students and for this special community. In the season of gratitude, there is no question that the support we felt today during the performance is something that we are all grateful to be a part of, and we have you to thank for that.
Todd Eveleth
Head of School
Head of School Search Update:
  • The Board of trustees would like to invite parents to join the Head of School search process by meeting with consultant Jerry Larson when he visits campus. There will be a morning and evening session, and we hope that you will attend in order to ask questions and share input. Please use the link below to RSVP and select your session: 11/29 at 6:00PM or 11/30 at 8:00AM.
November 21-25: Thanksgiving holiday break
Monday, November 28: K-4 Pick Up Change, Come inside!
  • Park and come into the classroom to pick up your children each day! If a K-4 student has a sibling in the Upper School, that sibling will report to the youngest student’s classroom. PK pick up will remain at 2:30, K-4 will be at 2:40, and Upper School will be at 2:40. 
The Nantucket New School has partnered again with Fairwinds Counseling Center to provide holiday gift cards for THREE families in need. Each year, Fairwinds is overjoyed by our Nantucket New School community, and the families in need truly appreciate the gesture. This year, Fairwinds has kindly asked that we provide gift cards (preferably Amazon, Stop & Shop, and Visa, etc., NOT local shops). Gift cards should be age and gender-appropriate with the information provided below. Please label the gift card with Family #1, #2, #3.
Kate Olson will be collecting all gift cards by Friday, December 9th
Family #1: three adults, 13 yo female, 10 yo male, 9 yo female, 8 yo male, and two 3 yo male
Family #2: two adults, 10 yo female, 10 yo male, 6 yo male, 5 yo male, 1 yo male
Family #3: one adult, 18 yo female, 5 yo female, 15 month old female

Nantucket New School