News & Updates 1/13/23

From Todd:

You have all heard me say that the teachers of NNS are the greatest collection of dedicated educators that I have ever worked with, and that continues to be true. Their “make-it-work” mentality is critical to maintaining the quality of the program. 

Recently, a couple of our veteran teachers were talking about how much they enjoyed the youthful infusion of teachers in the last couple of years.  We all then reflected on how challenging the early years in the classroom can be. I would never give up a second of my time in the classroom, but that first year of teaching was more than I had bargained for. 

I was at a school in northern New Hampshire and the program had a very involved method of tracking student sections by learning profile. 9-1A was the top academic section. 9-2B was a middle section. 9-3C was a group of “still developing learners.” Just writing that out now, the system seems cruel, but it was almost 30 years ago and things were different.

I was an excitable new English teacher and as the newest member of the department, they put me with the 9-3C section. Based on previous experiences with this level, the class was assigned a classroom outside of the normal academic buildings. They had class space under the dining hall in a room where you could be as loud as you wanted and no one else would be bothered, and let me tell you- we were loud.

After Thanksgiving, I thought I had things a bit under control, but then a new student arrived. I didn’t realize it because it was my first year, but the new student had already graduated from the school last year and had been in the 9-3C section. He had been expelled from his high school for fighting and he had no other place to go other than repeating the 9th grade- even after graduating less than six months ago.

This was a tough group, but to this day, I get more holiday cards from that class than any other, and I could name every one of the students in that  crew. Casey, Andres, Kieran, Brendan, Geoff, Brian, Ben…..Today Andres runs a family wine business in South America, Kieran is the leading installer of radiant heating in New Hampshire, Geoff is a ski writer in Colorado, Ben works at a hedge fund, and Brian runs an Alpaca farm. Seriously, he sent me a hat, it’s lovely.

They certainly tested me in my first year, but without knowing it, they also gave me an overwhelming love of teaching and a desire to support students as they progress. I made mistakes with them, and we probably made some mistakes in this building today, but I have no doubt that every teacher led with their heart and put the needs of the class before anything else. Even with some bumps along the way, I have no doubt that every student on this campus will leave NNS ready to find success wherever they decide to go, and we have teachers both new and old to thank for that.
Have a great long weekend.
Ever Grateful,
Todd Eveleth
Head of School
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