Beyond the Classroom

As a small school within a small community, we believe that it is important to afford students the benefit of educational experiences that reach beyond the classroom and the School and into the broader community, the country, and the world.  Nantucket is a rich learning environment, one that provides surprising breadth and depth of opportunity for teaching and learning.  Access to the beauty and diversity of the natural environment, close collaboration with the many island organizations that seek to serve and educate children, and deliberate, active participation within our island community all serve to provide a rich, authentic learning environment for our students.

On any given day in the life of the School, one may see abundant examples of how we make the island our classroom.  Early school classes make weekly trips to some of the island’s most precious landmarks and locations; lower school students visit the Atheneum, the Nantucket Whaling Museum, and the Maria Mitchell Association, among other destinations; upper school students collaborate with professionals from the Nantucket Land Council and the University of Massachusetts Field Station in their study of marine science; students of all ages welcome a weekly guest speaker to morning meeting and participate in various community service activities.

As students mature, our exploration broadens to include several off-island experiences.  Third graders, for example, visit Plimouth Patuxet Museums. The entire upper school embarks each September on an annual three-day trip to New Hampshire’s White Mountains. Finally, eighth graders plan and execute a week-long trip each spring.  Past and current destinations include New York, Philadelphia, New Orleans, and Washington, D.C.