Multi-Age Partnerships

There are, in essence, three discrete programs within our School: the Early School, serving students ages two years – nine months through four; the Lower School, serving students in kindergarten through grade four; and the Upper School, serving students in grades five through eight.  Each division employs a schedule, a curriculum, and a set of guiding practices, customs, and traditions that are designed to meet the needs of students at each developmental stage.

We are, however, a “Family School” in the truest sense, and the relationships among students of all ages are central and sacred to the culture of the School.  We deliberately create regular opportunities for students of different ages to collaborate and learn with one another.  Our “Morning Meeting” is a daily gathering in which our entire community comes together to share information, celebrate accomplishments, solve problems, and further our collective mission.  Our “Big Friend/Little Friend” program pairs an older child with a younger child for regular activities and events that promote cooperation and mentorship and foster lasting friendships.  Our “Families” program brings students of all ages as well as faculty and administration together in small teams for the purpose of collaborative learning, community service, and friendly Field Day competition.

These programs, as well as the caring and compassionate communication and warm rapport that characterizes our daily interaction, ensures a strong family ethos within the School and the development of strong friendships among students of all ages.

Nantucket New School