Capital Campaign

  • Sport Court: For years, physical education teachers and counselors have “made it work” by holding classes and units in a small portion of the parking lot. A new sport court positioned behind the greenhouse will allow students and campers additional options on campus and an expanded physical education curriculum. The location also creates a safer space for all the children by getting activities away from traffic flow and closer to the interior of the campus. The court will be a multi-use area that will be available for basketball, volleyball, pickleball, lacrosse, and more.
  • Faculty Housing: On Nantucket, an organization’s sustainability is tied to housing, and in order for our program leadership to look strategically to the future, a long-term housing plan must be part of the program. When the executive directors’ homes were moved to this property, both lower levels were built to be future apartments. Whether it is summer housing or year-round residents, the demand to house staff members is critical to maintaining the high standards that are set for the organization. Funding this initiative is the first step toward a long-term housing movement that will allow us to continue to attract high-quality, long-term employee partners.
  • Office Space Expansion: The charm of the Strong Wings building is recognized by everyone who visits the space. As well as being the center for the summer programming, this space is the administrative center for the entire organization. As the programs steadily grow, the space demands for the staff have multiplied. This initiative will expand the office space in Strong Wings and allow us to create private, quiet office space for the admin team. At the same time, the vacated loft space on the west side of the building will be converted to space for counselors, CITs, and teachers to meet, store their belongings, and debrief with one another after the day is over. 
  • Classroom Upgrade: The recent pandemic has caused a great deal of reflection about the space use on the campus. Whether we are in the classrooms to shelter from a summer thunder and lightning storm, or whether we are preparing for an expanding student population, it is clear that converting two “temporary” classrooms into more usable spaces is an important upgrade to the safety and efficiency of our programs. This initiative increases safe usable permanent indoor space by 20 percent.
If you would like more information, please call or email Interim Executive Director/Interim Head of School, Danielle Beale at 508-228-8769 or

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