Capital Campaign

The cornerstones of Nantucket New School and Strong Wings Adventure School are our students, our faculty, our facilities and our community. A solid financial foundation is essential to the continued success of Nantucket New School’s and Strong Wing’s missions. The Building on Promise Campaign will generate support that ensures the quality and strength of our programs, our faculty, our campus community and our island outreach programs.

Please partner with us in our mission to help young people discover and realize their full potential and promise. Tuition and annual fundraising efforts are simply not enough to provide institutional growth.  When Strong Wings and Nantucket New School merged, the Parents Cooperative of Nantucket (PCN – NNS’s and SW’s parent organization) effectively assumed the debt of Strong Wings; approximately $1.3 million dollars of this debt currently remains.  Every payment that is made on this debt is a payment that could go toward reaching other goals and expansion at Nantucket New School and Strong Wings, including adding and enhancing academic and outdoor programs and equipment, improvement of the physical campus, and community outreach.  Imagine how the children and our community would benefit from retiring this debt.
The Building on Promise campaign is being chaired by Rachel Hobart and Michael Ericksen. If you would like more information, please call or email our Director of Development, Claire Winship at 508-228-8769 or

Nantucket New School