Student Activism

The Nantucket New School Student Government provides a unique opportunity for students to learn about and actively engage in the democratic process.  Civics education is critical to the well-being of a participatory form of government.  An active student council renders the platform necessary to achieve this goal.  The Student Government is comprised of two student representatives elected from each of the Upper-School classes.  Theses elected officials are not a reflection of the popular/social hierarchy, but rather, are viewed by their peers as having an overarching commitment to serve the community.  The Government is partitioned into three sub-committees:  School Spirit, Community Service and Global Outreach.  Each of these branches undertakes a number projects throughout the year that may be as varied as lending a hand at the local food bank, promoting/organizing school events or adopting a sister school in another country.  In addition, the student government sets the stage for performing year-long random acts of kindness.  Many former student representatives continue to foster a passion for government and community service long after their tenure at the New School has concluded.