News & Updates 1/22/21

Thank You Students!!
Good evening and happy Friday. First, I want to let you know that the two students who tested positive last week are still doing great and do not have any symptoms. This is the best news we could hope for, and we wish the whole family well as they wait to return to school. 
I also want to start with a thank you to all our Upper School students who patiently and steadfastly transitioned to a few days of remote learning this week. We obviously want to have all our students on campus everyday, but to have the 5th-8th graders so positively embrace and excel in online learning is a huge resource to this community, and I sincerely offer them a heartfelt “Thank you!”
I also want to thank our Kindergarten class, who did an amazing job presenting a class project about Martin Luther King, Jr. during morning meeting. I will personally admit that it can be a challenge to keep your focus on long term priorities when each day is consumed with testing, guidance, sanitizing, and protocols. The amazing K class reminded us of how important respecting our history, celebrating our differences, and maintaining peace is for every community. Thank you to the Kindergarten for their thoughtful presentation on MLK.
On Thursday, I walked out to the testing tent as the last few of our youngest students waited to be swabbed. I expected that the scene would be similar to a doctor's office on flu-shot day, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. As I arrived, the four students waiting were chanting at our COVID tester, “Give him some boogies!! Give him some boogies!!” And the tone was dramatically more festive than I could have guessed. There were students dancing as they waited, and the students who finished the test celebrated as if they had just scored the winning touchdown of a Superbowl. Testing days make me nervous for a lot of reasons, but watching our youngest students face the swabbing furthered my belief in the process.
We look forward to having all grades in person starting on Monday.

Reenrollment Process Begins

I could not be happier with the make-up of our school at this moment, and I want to make sure we are serving the needs of all our current families and safely welcoming new families. With that in mind, we are starting the reenrollment process earlier and using online resources for contracts through My New School. We have used My New School to enroll some new families already and it has shortened the contract return process substantially. It is our hope to maintain the size of the student body for next year, and our staffing model depends on that. We will need your timely help to accomplish these goals. Contracts will be made available on My New School beginning at the end of January. We have set February 15 as the date to return all signed contracts, and if you are applying for financial assistance you should do that before February 15. Thank you for your attention to this process that is more critical than ever.
Thank you and be well,
Todd Eveleth, Head of School

Nantucket New School