News & Updates 1/29/21

From Todd:

Morning Meeting and Close-ups...Really?
I always love morning meetings. Yes, they are more special in person, but even in a digital state, they tend to be the highlight of my day. Those of you who were in the audience today, did experience the unfortunate close-up image of my ear as part of the 8th grade presentation. Wow, I will be getting a haircut this weekend. The 8th grade hosted a game that started with a close-up of a teacher and the students in the audience had to guess who it was. If there was an incorrect guess, the 8th grade host zoomed back to show more of the teacher. My picture was first, and the Pre-k guessed correctly on their first try with only a close up of my ear!! Really? Is my ear that recognizable? Although a very impressive correct answer, the speed of the response does make me a bit nervous!! Fortunately, the game progressed to other teachers, and in the end, the students did an amazing job with this very fun morning meeting. I did drop by  their classroom after the show to ask a couple questions, and it does not appear that there will be any suspensions after all!! Well done 8th grade, but keep in mind that there could be payback at graduation!!

Snow Fall
I have worked at a couple of schools that had students from Mexico, Saudi Arabia, and other snowless countries. It was always interesting when winter arrived and the students stormed the fields to experience snow for the first time. I felt like New School students reacted the same way this week, and I am certain they have seen snow before. I was roaming around campus yesterday during recess when there were still only a few random piles of snow remaining, and students were simply standing on the piles kicking snow at each other. As I continued to walk the campus, there were similar interactions taking place on all the snow piles. It was easily warm enough to be playing basketball or gaga ball, but these students opted to experience every possible second of a rare snowfall on Nantucket. Seeing kids being kids is a beautiful thing to watch right now, and around here, I feel very lucky that I don’t have to look far. That said, we are keeping a close eye on the weather for early next week, as an ocean storm could either drop heavy rain or substantial snow on the island. If there is a change to our schedule we will utilize the AUXS App and a recorded phone message to notify you of the details.

Physical Education
Next week is the culmination of the New School Street Hockey League, and the parking lot is going to be converted into an international sized rink. It will not impact drop off or pick up, but if you come by the school during the day, please be careful and steer clear of the boards. Faculty will be parking in the Strong Wing lot in order to make the paved space available to the hockey players. It should be a very fun week for the students, and we will get plenty of pictures.

Reports and Comments
Click here to login to My New School to access the semester 1 reports (detailed instructions below). As you all know, My New School represents a substantial change in how we communicate, manage data, and process documents. The reports you review will be forever available through your My New School portal, and you can access them from any device. We have already debriefed the process, and discussed enhancements that we will be making before the mid-semester 2 reports. 
Thanks and have a great weekend,
Todd Eveleth, Head of School

Nantucket New School