News & Updates 3/26/21

Monkey in the Ocean?

I was walking over to meet with Lori in the business office, and I heard some cheering coming from the new Yurt. Intrigued, I walked over to check on the action, and I discovered the 1st grade in full-on, unadulterated joy. They were playing “monkey in the ocean,” which is a slightly more complicated version of monkey in the middle, and they could not have been having more fun. Dodge balls were flying, hands were waving, and everyone was leaping uncontrollably. These students were engaged, positive, and energized. I immediately felt the urge to live stream the action to NCTV. This week has been different with the Upper School being in remote learning mode. It just isn’t the same with part of the community absent. So when I got a chance late on a Friday to see a class enjoying themselves in a new resource on the campus, it made my week.


But wait...There was more fun to be had.
I struggle to see how our after-school staff maintains their energy level on a Friday afternoon, because this has been a week!! Moments ago, I heard bassy music coming from downstairs. Again, my curiosity pushed me to investigate. As I pulled open the doors, laser tag warfare erupted from the lunchroom. Lights flashed, Jock Jams roared, and kids laughed as beeps and buzzes signaled hits and misses. I could not grab one of the lasers fast enough to defend myself from the army of 3rd graders advancing across the room. It was again amazing to see New School students completely and safely engaged with one another on our campus. 

It is so easy to be distracted by guidance, testing protocols, and CDC updates. It is so easy to get tunnel vision around replacing filters, ordering purifiers, and updating testing software, but right here on this campus there are amazing kids finding joy, connection, and friendship in a time when we all need it most. I will make sure to keep a much closer eye out for those moments as spring turns to summer.

Have a great weekend.
Todd Eveleth, Head of School


Nantucket New School