News & Updates 4/9/21

From Todd:

Little Things
We have all heard that “it's the little things that really matter,” and I certainly appreciate that more and more each day in our community. One of the “little things” that warms my heart each time I see it, is a student chasing after a classmate so they can walk to or from the building together. For our youngest students it happens on the way to school. A car will arrive, and as I open the door the student spots a classmate and yells something like, “I need to hurry so I can walk in with my friend.” The backpack is half over a shoulder or dragging on the ground, and the student shouts the name of the friend who turns and lights up as a classmate rushes forward. The two students now run toward the front door together giggling. This moment is just as likely to happen on a Monday as a Friday, and I have never seen a child do anything but beam as a friend calls out. 
For our older students, it happens after school. Typically a student forgets a homework assignment and runs back into the building. They sprint back up the stairs and hustle after their friend. Oftentimes with the older students, reconnecting involves tackling from behind or other such shenanigans, but the result remains the same: two students that are happy to be connected in friendship.  
This moment happens every day, but it never gets old. Yes, of course we care deeply about the academic growth of every student, but what an amazing gift youthful friendship is, and what a privilege it is to work in a place that nurtures those friendships. We all remember the comfort and reliability of elementary school friends. Richie “Muga” Mugherini and Dennis Crowley were the friends I yelled after 40+ years ago walking home from Winthrop Elementary, and on the rare occasion that I see them, it is like nothing in the world has changed. I am certain that in 40 years, NNS friendships will have that same feeling, and I hope I am there to hear those connections.
We still have two faculty members looking for housing. They have now teamed up and are open to living together. Any suggestions on available housing would be appreciated. 
“That Is Not a Good Idea!”
If you missed the morning meeting today, run- don’t walk- to the website to watch the kindergarten production of “That Is Not a Good Idea!” Unfortunately, you will need to fast forward through a couple of minutes of me setting up my computer, untangling my headphones, and removing my mask, but trust me, the effort is worth it. As I think about the horrible shows we have binged in the last 13 months, I am certain the Kindergarten Book Club series would be an easy top ten on any streaming service. Enjoy!!

Progress Reports
Click here to login to My New School to access the semester 2 progress reports (detailed instructions below). The reports you review will be forever available through your My New School portal, and you can access them from any device. 
Thanks and have a great weekend,
Todd Eveleth, Head of School

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