News & Updates 5/14/21

From Todd:

Yesterday, I was outside the main entrance to the New School talking with 5th graders who were studying for an English quiz. I was clearly interrupting their study session, and they seemed OK with that. The 2nd grade was on a mask break on the lawn, and the kindergarten class was getting ready for PE. The K students were lined up neatly, and as they left the classroom, they were yelling over to the unmasked 2nd grade.
“What’s your name?” shouted a K student. “Hey you in the blue shirt. What’s your name?” 
According to the K class, we are on the letter “R” for the alphabet countdown to the last day, which means we have 18 days of school left. As I listened to the introductions of the K and 2nd grade students, I was so excited to see that at this late date in the school year, there are still thoughtful New School students trying to meet their schoolmates. 
The response from the 2nd grade was to shout their names to the K group and ask them what their names were. On the surface, it was a fairly simple exchange, but even the 5th graders I was talking with thought it was funny that students were introducing themselves to one another nine months into the school year. I certainly wish that these connections were made in September, but I love the efforts of our students to reach out even as our countdown is under 20 days. It was a great reminder of the culture of kindness and friendship that we hope to nurture in this community regardless of the challenges we face.
With the hope of furthering connections at the parent level, the New School will be hosting a parent happy hour on June 11 under the tent that we will be using for graduation. We have heard from parents throughout the year that they are excited to meet new community members and reconnect with the returning parents, and the day after graduation and with the loosening of CDC guidelines, we are planning to do just that. More details to follow.

Year End Calendar
In a typical year we have all NNS students attend graduation. However, the guidelines from the state do not allow for that. The last day of school will be on June 9, and it will be a full day. We will be live streaming the graduation ceremony on June 10, and we encourage everyone to join us online.
Enjoy the beautiful weekend!!
Todd Eveleth, Head of School

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Friday, May 21: Pizza Day!
Monday, May 31: Memorial Day - No School
Tuesday, June 8: End of Semester 2
  • Report Cards will be available by the end of the week.
Wednesday, June 9: Last Day of School
  • Field Day, Pizza Day!
Thursday, June 10: Graduation - No School
  • Due to State regulations only graduates, their guests, speakers, and faculty & staff may attend.

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