News & Updates 12/3/21

From Todd:

Happy December to all! It will be a sprint to the finish, so please take a close look at this week's update. 

Sport Court Construction Starts

Yesterday, the trucks started to pour onto campus to work on the sport court. It was interesting to see how the students' attention was immediately taken by the activity. Every recess throughout the late morning and afternoon found students watching trucks move dirt and clear a small part of the property. It was refreshing to see students captured by the same thing that I was eager to watch as a child. No screens required, just massive diesel trucks tearing stuff apart. In a time when xbox 5 can steal a child’s attention for hours, good old trucks at work were still a novelty. Hopefully in the next few weeks, we will see NNS students playing basketball, four square, volleyball, and more on the new court.

Holiday Celebration on 12/17

It feels like the holiday season snuck up on us this year. Perhaps the fact that Hanukkah is as early as it will be for the next 10 years helped create the exciting calendar. Stroll certainly came out of the blue, and it has been interesting to talk with all the families who are prepping businesses for this important event. I hope it is a busy and safe weekend for everyone.

Thankfully, the students have made the transition to the holidays very efficiently, and each day there is a tremendous amount of chatter about sneaky elves visiting homes(I believe there was one in a classroom this morning). There have also been a series of big friend/little friend field trips to decorate trees on main street. There is no question that the holiday spirit is building momentum for the New School students.

The New School is celebrating the season a bit differently this year. We have partnered with the Dreamland and the NHA, and we will be having a full school field trip downtown on Friday 12/17. On that day, drop-off for K-8 will be at the Dreamland and we will have two group activities that will involve music, art, history, and magic. The Pre-K will join the celebration downtown at 10:00, and at this time, we also invite parents and friends to come to the Dreamland main stage for carols, a special guest performance, and big friend/little friend songs. At 11:00, families may take their children home or stay for a holiday movie. The half day of school will wrap up around 11:50 and pick-up for remaining students will be at the Dreamland. Should the island’s Covid situation change, we will make adjustments as needed. 

Dr. Rob Evans

With the success of Harvest Bash, we are able to bring a presentation by psychologist and school consultant Dr. Rob Evans to the community. I have worked with Rob in the past, and I am certain that he will be the right fit for the New School. His reputation in both independent and public schools is stellar, and I am not sure there is another professional in the country who has the depth of connections that Rob has with schools and school leaders. He will be discussing anxiety in our children in both general terms and related to the pandemic. Rob will be presenting to the faculty in the afternoon, and then he will have a parent zoom presentation at 5:00 on 12/9. This is a great opportunity to hear from a leader in the industry, who is often the first call made when a school or a child needs critical support. I believe Rob’s perspective on anxiety will be enlightening for all of us, and I cannot wait for him to connect with us.

NNS Stroll 12/10

Families in Need: The Nantucket New School has partnered again with Fairwinds Counseling Center to provide holiday gift cards for THREE families in need. Each year, Fairwinds is overjoyed by our Nantucket New School community, and the families in need truly appreciate the gesture. This year, Fairwinds has kindly asked that we provide gift cards (preferably Amazon, Stop & Shop, and Visa, etc., NOT local shops). Please label the gift card with Family #1, #2, #3. Kate Olson will be collecting all gift cards by Friday, December 10th.
  • Family # 1: Mom, Partner, 17 yo girl, 5 yo girl with special needs, 4.5-month-old 
  • Family # 2: Dad, 11 yo Boy (wants an iPad or bike but a gift card could be used towards this), 5 yo girl 
  • Family # 3: Mom, 11 yo boy, 2 yo

Kind Deed/Helpful Chore: As part of this Holiday Families in Need Program, we also ask that interested students complete some chores at home for a small allowance and then donate that money for food gift cards for the families. After the chores, each student should complete the Star Form that will describe the chores they completed to support the families. These stars will be posted in the school to celebrate the efforts of the students.

SSAT 1/6

The New School has an opportunity to offer any interested 7th or 8th grade students the chance to take the SSATs on island on January 6. This would be good practice for any 7th graders considering boarding schools next year, and for any 8th grader applying to schools, the results could be used for the current admissions cycle if you chose to provide schools with the scores. The test will interrupt the school day, but I believe it will be the only time it will be given on island this year. The fee of $200 will be paid directly to the consultant. Please email me directly if you would like to sign up.
Have a great Stroll weekend,
Todd Eveleth
Head of School

Tuesday, December 7: Photo Re-Take Day
  • If you would like your child’s picture retaken, please return your original package to school on the retake day and ask your child to give it to our photographer. Please include a note on the envelope detailing the reason for the retake. If you have any questions, please contact
Friday, December 10: Pizza Day
Thursday, December 16: Pajama Day
Friday, December 17: Holiday Celebration at the Dreamland! Expect an invitation early next week.
From the Community:
The Linda Loring Nature Foundation is collaborating with students from Worcester Polytechnic Institute on a community survey as part of our Master Planning process. We're reaching out to our community partners to spread this survey far and wide!  We are looking for feedback from both teachers and parents. Answers will be kept anonymous and will be used to better understand how LLNF can improve our property and programming. Upon completion of this survey, there will be the option to be entered into a drawing for the chance to win a free Family Membership to the Linda Loring Nature Foundation. The survey closes on Sunday, December 5th.

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