News & Updates 1/14/22

From Todd:

How lucky am I? 

My day started with a delivery from two second graders. They were dropping off a letter of appreciation written by their big friends in the 7th grade. The letter was very appreciative that I had upgraded pizza day by including pepperoni and that I added an ice cream party. No doubt these were two of my stronger moves.

Danielle also received a lovely appreciation card from a 7th grader. It was beautifully written and the artwork was incredible. It was proudly sitting on her desk. However, everyone’s favorite line from the 7th grade author was the following: “Keeping Todd on track alone must be a full time job.” This is one incredibly perceptive 7th grader.

Next I popped into my office and found a kindergartener waiting for his covid test sitting at my table. He had a basket of toys in front of him and when he saw me he quickly said, “Lets make triangles!!” Honestly, in that moment, making triangles sounded like the greatest thing I could imagine doing, so we dove into triangle making and then advanced to squares and rectangles. We finished by making a miniature submarine out of a puzzle chain. Best time ever.

I swung over to the first grade classroom for a quick visit. I pushed the door open quietly and poked my head into the classroom. I immediately heard a student excitedly yell, “I love nachos more than anything!” This is my kind of class. Make room for Todd. Another member of the class saw me and quickly asked, “Who could eat more nachos? Todd or our mouse?” Surprisingly, the class was pretty divided on their responses. Challenge accepted my friends.

Just before lunch, the Pre-K arrived for some library time. They scoured the stacks looking for the perfect weekend read. One little guy spotted a book on the top shelf. He was pointing excitedly and jumping up and down. Before I could walk across the room to help, he leaped onto the bench, snapped the book off the shelf and tumbled to the floor. Without hesitating, he was on his feet celebrating his find. “This book is about cupcakes,” he said to me as he waved the book over his head. “I only read books about cupcakes, and this library has a lot of books about cupcakes.”  I did not realize that we had a special collection in the library dedicated to pastries, but this little guy seemed pretty sure of himself, and I loved the idea!

I closed the day with the Upper School Xblock movie. Classes and kids were cohorted all over the lunch room. The smell of the popcorn filled the space. Students were wrapped in their snuggies and comfies. Friends (masked) curled up with blankets. I settled in with the 7th grade, ate my pizza and focused on Harry Potter for a few minutes.  

Again, how lucky am I.
Ever grateful,
Todd Eveleth
Head of School

Strong Wings Registration
Strong Wings registration opens this coming Monday 1/17 at 8am. We are excited to offer a 50% discount to NNS families the first week of camp (6/13 - 6/17.) Please use the code "NNS" at checkout to activate the discount. We ask that you please not share this code beyond the NNS community. Thank you! 
Islander Program Registration for Nantucket Community Sailing
NCS is proud to be able to offer Nantucket year-round children scholarships ranging from one week of sailing and up. Please see the fliers below (in English, Spanish and Portuguese) that has the Scholarship Application on one side and NCS information on the other. Island families will have priority registration from Tuesday, January 25th at 12pm EST through Thursday, January 27th at 4pm EST.  Registration will be open to all beginning Tuesday, February 1st at 12pm EST. Additional information can be found on our website, by reaching out via e-mail, or by calling (508) 228-6600.
Monday, January 17: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (No School)
Friday, January 21: End of Semester 1


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