News & Updates 1/21/22

From Todd:

Vaccination Clinic
We have just confirmed through the Nantucket Department of Human Services that we will be offering a vaccination clinic at the New School on February 28 at 2:00. There is no need to preregister, but please email me if you are interested in getting your child vaccinated. We will have 30 doses available. Shots will begin at 2:00 and you can take your child with you after getting vaccinated. 

Special Thanks
Over the past 2 years, I have sadly joked about how infrequently new and returning parents have been in the school buildings. The potluck picnic at the beginning of the year was a great community event but that feels like it was a long time ago and we stayed outdoors. One of the greatest tragedies of not having parents in the building more regularly, is that many of you have not been able to meet Miguel.

I am not sure how long Miguel has worked at the New School, but I know he predates me by at least a few years. He works at a number of nonprofits on the island, and we are incredibly lucky to have him with us. There is nothing Miguel refuses to do to keep this school going. He keeps the heat going, the lights on, and the campus safe. He is part electrician, part plumber and part magician, and he loves these kids.

When Miguel is called into an Early or Lower school classroom to fix something, he walks in and immediately declares that he is very hungry and he is here to eat all the students’ lunches. The kids know this routine well, and they immediately screech “No, Miguel!” as they try to stop him from grabbing their lunch boxes. After a few minutes of good natured teasing Miguel has the problem solved and moves on to the next item on his list.

I have had some very memorable teachers over the years, but as I think back on my career and my education, some of the greatest people who I remember the most fondly were not always the ones in the classroom. Arlene Leonard was essentially a grandmother to my children, and to this day when we visit friends at my old school our dog runs into her office looking for a treat. Dottie and Lilla in the kitchen served more Thanksgiving dinners to my family than I am comfortable admitting. In high school, there was Mac in the equipment room who was always ready to talk politics or cooking. On the grounds crew at the first school where I taught there was Bill who had a masters degree in English Literature and only wanted to talk to those middle school students about the power of Shakespeare.

Miguel makes an amazing difference for this school and for the island in general, and we are incredibly lucky to have him on our team. Someday soon when things open up a bit, please make sure you find Miguel and introduce yourself, and please thank him for all he does for our students and community.

Vacation and Return
We are just about a month away from Winter Break. The last day of school is February 25 and that is a full day of school. It will be our plan for a normal return to school on March 14. If the situation dictates that we need to have a full testing day on that Monday we will email the community in advance, but at this point, we plan to be in session that first Monday after the break.

Vaccination Survey
If your child has changed vaccination status please go into the survey below and update the form. If you have already filled out the form and are providing new information, please check the box that says “Change in vaccination status.” 

Have a great weekend,
Todd Eveleth
Head of School

Islander Program Registration for Nantucket Community Sailing
NCS is proud to be able to offer Nantucket year-round children scholarships ranging from one week of sailing and up. Please see the fliers below (in English, Spanish and Portuguese) that has the Scholarship Application on one side and NCS information on the other. Island families will have priority registration from Tuesday, January 25th at 12pm EST through Thursday, January 27th at 4pm EST.  Registration will be open to all beginning Tuesday, February 1st at 12pm EST. Additional information can be found on our website, by reaching out via e-mail, or by calling (508) 228-6600.

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