News & Updates 2/4/22

From Todd:


Some weeks are a bit more blurry than others, and this one seemed to start and finish in about ten seconds. Maybe it was such a quick week because the kids have all established a solid routine again. It was a typical week of handing out “missing tooth necklaces,” and I think every student in the lower school has a loose tooth right now. I had the annual meeting with a group of Upper School students to start planning their spirit week, and once again they had some great ideas. And of course there was a healthy amount of snow that the kids enjoyed for almost a full week, although I do owe a teacher a coffee for the fact that the snow pile is still there!! The morning meetings were fun and grandparents from all over the country beamed when their grandchildren waved. It all felt fast, but it felt very New School routine, and I am certain that we are just going to see more and more weeks like that.

Thank You Harvey Foundation!!

We have partnered with the Harvey Foundation to be a distributor for their Books to Boost program. As part of that program, author Jessica Lahey will be presenting to the Nantucket community on March 11 and 12. She is the New York Times Bestselling writer of “The Gift of Failure” and recently published “The Addiction Inoculation.” Please stop by the New School Main Office for complimentary copies of the books and make sure to be there for one of Jessica Lahey’s presentations. “The Gift of Failure” has been a staple of many schools' professional development reading lists since it was first published, and I highly recommend this read.


We are in the heart of the admissions season, and we have already seen the same number of applicants and inquiries that we had in all of last year, and there will still be many more this spring. If you have a friend or neighbor considering the New School please have them reach out to me very soon. Word of mouth continues to be our best marketing tool and thank you for your support. Re-enrollment contracts will be going out shortly, and it will be critical to get those returned so that we can manage our waitlists effectively and efficiently serve potential new families. 

7th Grade Families

If you are a current 7th grade family and are considering boarding school, please, email me and let me know. We would like to start planning some meetings and a panel of schools to visit this spring. Alicia is working on some exciting upgrades to the student’s placement process, and I am fielding calls from schools who want to meet with 7th graders this spring on island. We approach the placement process with the attitude of “finding the right fit” for your child. I will never say that one school is better than the other, but I will try to support finding the best fit for each student. In some cases, the right fit will be a boarding school and in some cases the right fit will be a public school. We are simply here to introduce you to all the options.

After February Break

With the adoption of the new at-home COVID testing, we will not be doing any remote learning days after the break. We will provide rapid tests for everyone to take on March 13, and we will have a regular day of school on Monday, March 14. I am also very optimistic that we will be able to make additional changes in strategies at that time.

Have a great weekend,
Todd Eveleth
Head of School

Nantucket New School