News & Updates 2/18/22

From Todd:

Even in the pouring rain this morning, the students at drop-off were in a particularly great mood. And why not? Today is pajama day, pizza day, and the Friday before a long weekend. I am definitely feeling the joy!! All of these items created a great tone around the school. Comfy pajamas were proudly worn all day, and we had students in one piece sleepwear dressed as everything from koalas to unicorns.The kids were energized in a positive way, and it feels very New School normal.

I had an interesting series of visitors in my office today. Two students dropped by and informed me that there are four school days left until vacation. Then I had four students drop in and ask me if the pizza was here yet. I had one student stop by and ask if we could cancel the rest of the day because of the rain and wind. I had two requests for bandaids, although I could not see any visible wound. We had three requests for cups because of forgotten water bottles and one odd request for ranch dressing. Then quickly after lunch, a visitor came by for a second time and requested some pepto bismol. And of course, Danielle and I had 15 students stop by asking for new masks (only four more days in masks everyone). Finally, late in the day, we had a visitor stop by and ask that magical question, “Todd, would you like a cupcake?”

Our kindergarten class did a great job with their morning meetings this week. They showcased their writing skills, artistic talents, and public speaking confidence with an amazing effort. A grandparent reached out to me with a particularly thoughtful compliment for the class and teacher: “As grandparents, we want to thank Miss Aly and the New School for including us in this morning meeting. The time and effort Aly put into this project was amazing. The writing strategies the children learned is an excellent basis for them to build upon in future years…The pictures that accompanied the writing were an added bonus.” Thanks for your support and I hope to see everyone join us for morning meetings.

Testing Next Week
Because of the long weekend and the break, we will not be doing pool testing next week. We would not get results back until Thursday at the earliest, so it doesn’t serve our needs very well next week. Please use your rapid tests on Wednesday night or at any point if symptoms develop. We will be asking all students to take a rapid test on the Sunday night before our return from vacation. If you need more rapid tests please, stop by the office.

Have a great long weekend,
Todd Eveleth
Head of School

Monday, February 21: Presidents' Day (No School)
Monday, February 21: NHA's Student Art Show opens, featuring New School student artists
  • The New School student artists are very excited to share their creations on the theme of "Nantucket History."
  • Featured Artists are: Tripp Strang, Drew Tapley, Henry Johnson, Madison Massey, Lilla Garrette, Isla Grimes, Ben Congdon, Sander Reinemo, Liepa Skehel, Lyla Hudson, Olivia Shuttleworth, and Becket Herily (and possibly more if the paint dries in time!). For more detailed information visit the NHA website.
Monday, February 28 - Friday, March 11: Winter Break
From the Artists Association of Nantucket: Please find attached flyers announcing our Winter Break Camps & Spring Session classes.

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