News & Updates 4/8/22

From Todd:

Thanks to everyone who came out for the Open House. It was great to get parents into the building to meet new community members and reconnect with old friends. 

It has also been amazing to have our traditional morning meetings in the Great Hall. The 4th graders gave some great presentations about famous island landmarks as part of the Google Slides unit, and we had a strong parent turn out. Please feel free to come in person when your child’s class is presenting.

Our only Covid requirement at this point is the midweek at home rapid testing, and we are constantly reviewing that protocol. We will be having lunches in the cafeteria for all students very soon, but this delay is due to furniture issues and not covid issues. We are very much headed toward a return to our normal traditions. You can feel that excitement in the kids. They are sprinting into the building more quickly, and the smiles seem wider.

Next weekend is a time to celebrate Passover, Easter, and Patriots Day. It is also our extended Spring long weekend, so that means we will have Monday and Tuesday off. From this point, the year accelerates quickly and graduation is upon us before we know it. The spring is always the fastest time of the year at an independent school so hang on and enjoy the holiday weekend.

I am rushing off to catch the boat. Take care and have a great weekend.
Ever Grateful,
Todd Eveleth
Head of School


Nantucket New School