News & Updates 4/22/22

From Todd:

The Newest Addition
At last, the paint has dried on the sport court, and after sitting empty for the long weekend, it is open for business. Since the school opening on Wednesday, it has been incredible to see classes playing together on the court during PE and recess. I have watched the kindergarten class playing full court basketball together, and I will fully admit that the referee definitely let some traveling calls go. There was an impressive game of dodgeball played by some upper schoolers during a PE class, and numerous games of floor hockey. What I noticed immediately is that the court gets the students playing together. Rather than finding a part of the field and playing with a small group, entire classes are finding their way to the court and playing as a whole. I think we have just scratched the surface of opportunities for the sport court, and I cannot wait to see what the kids develop for games as the spring unfolds.

Xblock Cooking Club
A quick thanks to Orla LaScola for organizing chefs from all over the island to teach cooking demonstrations on Friday afternoon for a group of Upper Schoolers as part of our elective program during Xblock. We have had chefs from Or the Whale, the Beet, Via Mare, Nantucket Golf Club, and Proprietors work with our students and teach them to make doughs, pasta, flatbreads, roasted chicken, chocolate tarts and so much more. Today, the students worked with Dre Solimeo, and they created a type of pasta stuffed with homemade ricotta. This group came back to school raving about their creation and talking about what was coming up next week. Thanks to Olivia Aumais who has been the teacher shuttling these students to restaurants each week. Olivia may have been more enthusiastic today than even the students. In general the Xblock program has become very popular with the Upper Schoolers, and they are constantly proposing new ideas for offerings in the next semester. Thanks to all the teachers who provide  these amazing classes in addition to their normal course loads.

The Great Nantucket Duck Race
Since starting this in 2018, The Great Nantucket Duck Race has become one of our biggest fundraisers of the year. The proceeds support financial aid and classroom programming, and there are incentive prizes for classes and individual students. If you caught morning meeting today, you also watched me strut around in an inflatable duck floaty to build some excitement with the students. Actually with the “quack whistle” blaring, the students might have been filled with more fear than excitement, but it was certainly memorable. Thank you all for your support, and please feel free to visit here: Great Nantucket Duck Race for more information.

There was a great tone around the campus today. The weather is spectacular and the kids were still feeling rested after the long weekend. I had a couple of students drop by to simply say hello and chat about their Daffy plans, and all I could think about was, “we made it.” Spring is here and summer is in sight. There is a lot of work still to be done before the year wraps up, but dare we all breathe a bit of relief on a beautiful day like this? Having grown up in a tourist town, I love this time of year as the community comes back to life a bit and for whatever reason the kids seem to feel it more than usual this year, and that is the best sign of all. Have a great weekend, and Happy Daffy. 
Ever Grateful,
Todd Eveleth
Head of School

Third Annual Great Nantucket Duck Race
Raising money for financial aid and programming has never been so quackin’ important!
Here's how it works: Students, families, and friends adopt rubber ducky racers. We race them and you join us at The Creeks to root for your ducks. The three most nimble ducks win awesome prizes for their adopted families! The students who sell the most duckies win awesome prizes too! The school wins your crucial support! EVERYONE WINS!
Last year, we raised a record breaking $50,000 for our students and campers. We are certain we can top last year’s success by counting on all of you to sell ducks and help promote rubber ducky adoptions with friends and family off-island. Our goal is to get 100% participation from our students and families. 
Join us at The Creeks on May 14th to see if your rubber ducky makes it across the finish line first! Thank you in advance for your support! If you have any questions, please contact Kate Olson at: or 508-228-8569 ext. 302.
The Parent's Association will be hosting an after party at Cisco Brewery from 2-5 p.m. We hope you can join us!

The Steamship Authority's “SAIL INTO IMAGINATION” Student Art Contest: Artwork due by May 16

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