News & Updates 9/9/22

From Todd:

My favorite moment of the year takes place on the first day of school right after the last student has been dropped off. The Great Room has cleared out and all the students are in their classrooms. The last PK students have signed their names and answered the question of the day. All the teachers are introducing themselves to their new classes and everyone is in the places they are meant to be. This moment comes after nine months of interviews, tours, and classroom visits. The moment comes after countless building projects, clean-ups, and dump runs. The moment comes after the teachers have shown up on weekends and evenings throughout August in order to be ready for their students, and then completed professional development for five days in order to become even stronger educators.

During that moment early on Wednesday morning, the building is filled with the sounds of students being engaged with their teachers and classmates. It is a renewal and reinforcement of the commitment everyone working on this campus feels toward supporting these students as they grow as people and learners. It feels rather serious and very fulfilling.

After I soak in that moment for a while, I then stand in front of the student body and faculty at the first morning meeting. I acknowledge our new students and celebrate our 8th grade class. Feeling so good about the day and believing that I was setting a strong positive tone for the year, I call on a new PK student who had her hand up high in order to make a QCA, and she loudly said, “This weekend we got some chickens. Now the chickens are pooping all over our deck and the poops are huge and disgusting and my parents hate the chickens now.” And that immediately became the best moment of the day. Well said my new PK friend.

Welcome back to everyone!!!

Ever Grateful,
Todd Eveleth
Head of School

Back to School Picnic: Friday, September 16, 4-6 p.m.
NPC Annual Meeting & Back to School Night: Thursday, September 22, 6p.m.
  • Please find the notification about the annual meeting here: NPC Annual Meeting 9_22_22.pdf
    This event happens at the same time as Back to School Night, and this year in order to avoid conflict with other island events, we will be having it on Thursday, September 22, at 6:00.
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