News & Updates 09/23/22

From Todd:

Field Day Moved to Friday, September 30
Good afternoon and happy Friday. I feel like the last time it rained on the island was our Field Day in June which also forced us to pivot and relocate to the Boys and Girls Club. This year we are able to push it back a week, but I know the kids are disappointed. At least we had a pizza lunch today!! The faculty vs. student Jeopardy contest at Morning Meeting also served as a great distraction, and it ended in a well orchestrated tie. Matt Bulmer has created a great schedule of events for Field Day and I am certain that even with the change in schedule that the students will have a great time.

Creative Toys at Recess
I am constantly amazed at the random items that our students adapt into recess toys. The kids know the campus so well that if a new board gets thrown into the bushes, it quickly becomes a sled then a javelin and finally a bridge for bugs. Chalk dust is a very hot commodity right now and my back step has been rainbow colored a number of times this year. Today a student was carrying a 12 foot plastic pipe, and I can’t imagine where that came from. He was using it as an alpine horn.

I am constantly recommending a book called “How to Raise an Adult” by Julie Lythcott-Haims. In one chapter, she talks about a friend who moved to Europe and brings her three-year-old to a playground that is scattered with nails, screws, pieces of lumber, hammers, and screwdrivers. Her friend is horrified at first, but as time goes on she sees the creative constructive play that happens in that space, and she turns her child loose.  I am not ready to throw a power saw into the playground, but when I see a group of students creating a blue muddy concoction by stirring chalk dust in a frisbee, and then painting a stick, I have to admit I like that creativity. Sorry about the stained shirts.

Text Message Communication 
This morning at around 7:00, the School sent out a message from the Text’em All App. The message came from a “508” phone number, and the purpose of the text was to update you on the Field Day changes. If you are a current parent and did not receive this text, please log into My New School and update your contact information. We will use that list of cell phone numbers to communicate snow days, security updates, and any time sensitive changes to the program, and it is critical that we have accurate information for all families. Thank you!!

Have a great weekend!!
Ever Grateful,
Todd Eveleth
Head of School
Friday, October 7: Faculty Professional Development - No School
Monday, October 10: Indigenous Peoples’ Day - No School
Wednesday, October 12: Picture Day
Saturday, November 5: Harvest Bash!
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