News & Updates 10/14/22

From Todd:

Recommendation Box for Student Council

Today’s Spirit Day was able to give a nice lift to the kids in spite of the wet and windy conditions. The Student Council created the event, and they are excited to do more Spirit Days throughout the remainder of the year. Another initiative from the Student Council involves using a suggestion box left by the front door to help them develop new events and traditions.  Some of the suggestions have been very strong, while others have been….less serious.

Forest and I spent a few minutes going through the suggestion box recently, and I thought I would share what we found.

“We should have a Cotton Candy Day.”
“How about a day when we only eat cookies.”
“Bring your stuffed animal to school day.”
“We should have no homework days or months.”
“I really really want a cookie day, please”
“National Fun Day is April 1 and we should celebrate that for a full week.”
“Every Monday in the winter should be bathing suit day”
“Everyone gets a trophy day.”

And lastly, the most creative of all the suggestions: “Dress up like your mom day.”

Sorry, I think NFL jersey day sounds like a much better idea.

Picture Day

I absolutely believe that our students thrive on routine, and picture day is just enough of a break in the routine to very much reshape a full day at school. It also didn’t help that the 8th grade had no fewer than four wardrobe changes throughout the course of the day. They did look amazing for their individual and class photos, but the line at the bathrooms was getting unwieldy. All joking aside, the leadership of all the 8th graders has been impressive. From field day to the Big Friend/Little Friend program, they continue to impress with their maturity and positive spirit. Thank you 8th grade and keep up the good work.

Blackbaud Issues

I want to apologize for an issue with our comment email system. We learned today that comments have not been emailed for about the last week. This is a company wide problem for our provider, and they are trying to get it resolved. We have put the system on hold, and when the issue is resolved, we will email out the old comments. Very few of the comments would have been time sensitive, but nonetheless we will send them your way if only as an FYI. The vast majority of the comments pending are commendations for kind deeds and successes, and it is always important to reinforce those times as close as possible to the moment they happen. This tech issue has taken that opportunity from us, and I am hopeful that once resolved, we will not face this problem in the future. Again, my apologies.

Have a great weekend.
Ever Grateful,
Todd Eveleth
Head of School

Nantucket New School