News & Updates 12/9/22

From Todd:

It Was a Day!!! 
The flu combined with windy weather took a bit of a toll on our teachers and students today, but in the end, teaching and non-teaching staff chipped in and we made it work. It really worked out for me, as I got to return to my x-block cooking class and made Italian wedding soup. It was Claire’s recipe and she was there to provide moral support and meatball guidance. We used a pressure cooker to speed up the process, and we finished just in time. When it was over, multiple students asked for a “to-go” container which is about the nicest compliment I have ever received as a cook!!

Claire and I rushed over to manage the Strong Wings loop which is always a bit crazy on x-block days. When all the students were picked up, I strolled by the sport court where a grandparent was playing goalie in an impromptu street hockey game with his grandkids. This grandparent made some incredible saves, but in the end he let in a couple easy goals to keep things fair. It was fun to watch this family play an old-fashioned street hockey game on the sport court, and I couldn’t help but smile thinking about garage street hockey with my dad. 

At that point, I thought I could get back to the office to start my weekly update when I came across Matt Liddle holding a fishing net and dangling into a window well. As I got closer, I heard the screech of a chicken and watched Matt run along the fence yelling “Wrong way chicken. Wrong way.” I grabbed a rake and defended the front of the building while Matt herded the chicken toward the playground. The chicken ran up the stairs and headed to the woods without so much as a clucking thank you. I am guessing not many heads of schools in New England helped save a chicken with his Upper School Division Head today. Todd gets the win.

When I finally got back to my desk, one of the electricians who had been installing LED lights on campus for two weeks popped into my office and asked if he could play the guitar while he waited for his ride. I quickly agreed and opened the computer, but the music he played from the great hall was so beautiful- I could not concentrate at all and very quickly it was almost 5:00!! 

The writer’s block was overwhelming, but then I thought about the incredible afternoon I just had. Making soup with 8th graders and a great friend, watching a grandparent connect with his grandkids, saving a chicken with another great friend, and wrapping it all up with a stranger playing acoustic guitar in the Great Hall. Yeah, I am tired and need to be at the NNS Faculty/Staff Holiday Party in 60 minutes, but what a beautiful day I had at 15 Nobadeer Farm Road.

Thoughts and Prayers
There are special connections when you live in a small community, and even more so when your home is on an island. As part of a close knit island community, we celebrate each other's successes, and we support each other in times of need. The tragic accident on Thursday touched so many lives, and I know I can speak for the entire New School community when I say our thoughts and prayers go out to all members of the island who were impacted by this tragedy. Please be well and stay safe.

Mental Health Survey
When I was a Dean of Students, I spent a great deal of time meeting with the school psychologists. Dr. Sam Moncata was one of those psychologists, and he was known to all students as Dr. Sam. He had two specialties. First working with children battling anxiety and second, working with professional athletes all over the country who were battling performance anxiety.  He remains an amazing resource for me, and a good friend. Dr. Sam is also a teacher in the Doctoral Program at William James College. He reached out to me recently because one of his current doctoral students has strong Nantucket ties and is doing her thesis on the status and needs of the mental health resources on Nantucket. She sent me a link to a 10-minute survey that is absolutely anonymous, and the results will not be seen by anyone on the island or at the New School. Please click below to access an information page and directions for the survey. I am hopeful that we can support this important project and please feel free to share it with anyone else who is a year-round resident of Nantucket and over 18 years of age. 

Flu Messaging Update
Below is a note from the state regarding the flu and how to protect our students. We had 21 students absent on Tuesday and this version of the flu seems to linger.  Please take a look and if you are sick already, get some rest and drink lots of fluid. 
Ever Grateful,
Todd Eveleth
Head of School
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