News & Updates 1/6/23

From Todd:

Happy New Year to all!!

Arts in Action at NNS

Today, Forest’s classroom was transformed into a Hollywood sound stage as part of our x-block programming. A group of Upper School students has been working with the Dream Land, Our Island Home, and  Director Andrew Cromartie to produce an oral history film project to tell the stories of the island’s oldest residents.

Forest has talked at length about the project as it developed this fall, but to walk into his classroom and see the cameras, lighting, and microphones filling the space was a bit intimidating today. 

The students involved in the project have done research and mock interviews throughout the year, and this afternoon they met with their interview subjects. This weekend the filmed interviews will be taking place and then the students will be involved in the editing process. The final product will be shown at the Dreamland main stage, and we will certainly let the community know when that event is scheduled.

Meanwhile, NNS was incredibly well represented in the Dark Sky Art contest achieving six of twelve finalists. They did some beautiful work with the Artist Association and details about the show are attached to this email in a press release. I hope to see some NNS families there!

Resolutions and Kindness

It was great to engage with the students at morning meeting today to talk with them about kindness and resolutions. Now through February seems to be the time of year when kindness wanes a bit, and we wanted to make sure that everyone had another reminder about how our community values kindness. They are all doing a great job 99 percent of the time, and we will keep at it.

The student discussion about their resolutions was inspiring. There are a huge number of students who have resolved to get better at soccer or hockey or basketball. The actors in the school have also committed to being better in their plays. Two students admitted to making a resolution to be better at homework, and one brave student came to me after the meeting and said his resolution was to be nicer to his sister. That sounds like a solid idea.

It was great to hear the kids share some sincere personal thoughts about resolutions and their hopes for the new year. I have no doubt they will stand by those goals!! 

Field Trips and PK Swimming

As 2023 starts, we are excited to offer a PK swimming program to our youngest New Schoolers. There is an additional fee for this activity, but the response has been tremendous. This fee as well as other field trip fees will be payable through your My New School account. More details on that in the coming weeks.

Welcome back and have a great weekend.

Ever Grateful,
Todd Eveleth
Head of School
1/5    Lyla Hudson    4th
1/7    Jeffrey Giacchetti    2nd
1/12    Chiara Landt    5th
1/16    Lilah Feeley    8th
1/18    Quinn LaChuisa    5th
1/24    Hendrix Wall    4th
1/27    Alaire McShay    1st
1/29    Harrison Trivelas    5th
Kids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu & Capoeira at Strong Wings:
  • Join us this Monday, January 9, from 5-6:30pm at Strong Wings, to learn more about this programming. 
Friday, January 13: Pizza Day
Monday, January 16: Martin Luther King Jr. Day - No School
Congratulations to all the New School students who were finalists, and congratulations to Willow Psaradelis '25, whose artwork is featured on the cover!

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