News & Updates 2/3/23

From Todd:

PK Visit
If you ever need a bit of an uplift in your mood, stop by a Pre-K classroom. I do not want to downplay the challenges that our PK teachers manage and solve, but much like a grandparent, the head of school can drop into Pre-K, chat with the kids, play some games, and pop out when the time is right.

Earlier this week, I did just that. I walked into the PK great hall and immediately one of the students approached me and said he had to tell me something. Of course, I was happy to listen.

“I found footprints on my carrots,” he shout-whispered in my ear. “They were everywhere. So I have set a trap, and I think it is the monster bunny.”

OK, so I may have told a quick story about a large rabbit who lives in the woods and occasionally chases my dog, but I was only kidding. Then another student came out and joined the conversation.

“It’s true Todd,” said the new PK student as she pulled on my vest and moved closer to my ear. “The tracks were everywhere. We need your dog to bring the monster rabbit to the trap.”

I briefly had a vision of some type of guillotine contraption built with smuggled legos and magnetic blocks that was assembled out near the playground. Although I shook off that thought quickly, it still gave me a chill as these were resourceful and serious four-year-olds.

“Look, look, there is a track,” and they pointed to a white blob on the floor with a smeared center that could have been the tiny footprint of a bunny with no toes. As I looked closer, it was clearly vanilla frosting with a finger print in the middle. I was starting to figure this out, and I had some questions.

“After the monster bunny left tracks on your carrots, did you eat them?” I asked the first student.

“Oh course not,” He whispered. “I don’t like carrots, and the monster bunny walked all over them.”

And with that the two PK students giggled wildly and headed back into their classroom.

Have a great weekend and stay warm!!
Ever Grateful,
Todd Eveleth
Head of School

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