News & Updates 11/03/23

Giraffe's Can't Dance: First Grade Presentation & Unexpected Aspirations!
Today in Morning Meeting, the first grade presented the book Giraffes Can't Dance. These students truly brought the story to life with their colorful drawings and enthusiastic storytelling. They shared what they wanted to learn - from writing in cursive to riding a two-wheeler bike. They also proudly shared what they were good at, and a student declared, with a slightly mischievous grin, that he knew how to "Drop a 7." Now, from the nervous chuckles in the crowd, I can guess that none of us had any idea what he meant, but we learned that it’s a 7ft ramp at the skate park! Learn something new every day. Thanks, first graders!

Grandparents/Special Friends Day: Two weeks away
We’re so excited to welcome grandparents and special friends to campus on November 17. If you haven’t already, click here to let us know if your child(ren) will have a grandparent or a special friend joining them. 

9:00: Check-in at Strong Wings, Coffee & Mingle
9:30: Classroom Visits
10:00: Snack
10:15: Performances at the New School
11:30: Grandparents/Special Friends are dismissed with students
12:00: Regular dismissal
Drop-Off & Snack
Please drop your child(ren) off at school at the regularly scheduled time and be sure to pack them a snack and a water bottle.
If your child(ren)'s grandparent or special friend is taking them at 11:30 a.m., please make sure they check in with the teacher before they leave. Parents picking up their child(ren) may arrive at 12:00 p.m., just like a regular dismissal.
Grandparents and special friends may park at either the New School or Strong Wings. If lots are full, they are more than welcome to park at the Delta Fields (8 Sun Island Road) or the Nobadeer Farm Road Playing Fields (7 Nobadeer Farm Rd). Both are within easy walking distance to the school.
To ask questions about accessibility or request accommodations for a member of your party with a disability, please contact us at
Danielle Henry Beale
Interim Head of School

Sat., Nov. 4 - Harvest Bash! 

  • We are looking forward to our 19th annual Harvest Bash, "Under the Sea" on November 4th at Great Harbor Yacht Club.
    This year the Silent Auction will take place online by clicking here. The Silent Auction will close on November 5th at 5:00 p.m.
    In addition to the Silent Auction, we also have an incredible restaurant dining package raffle valued over $2000! Tickets for a chance to win can be purchased here for $25 each and will be drawn on November 5th at 5:00 p.m. 
    Here is your chance to secure your very own reserved parking space! Imagine, rain, shine, sleet or snow you can be rest assured a front row spot is reserved for you! Rushing to soccer practice? Racing to work? No worries! Zip in and zip out. Nantucket New School will provide a "Reserved Parking: Harvest Bash Auction Winner" sign. Raffle winner will receive this spot until November 2024. Tickets for a chance to win can be purchased here for $25 each and will be drawn on November 5th at 5:00 p.m. 
    **Please note: upon checkout, Galabid asks for a "Voluntary Contribution." This donation is adjustable and does not go to NNS.
    Thank you in advance for your support! If you have any questions, please contact Kate Olson at: or 508-228-8569 ext. 302.
  • Wednesday, November 8: Parent/Teacher Conferences - No School
  • Friday, November 10: Veterans Day - No School
  • Friday, November 17: Grandparents/Special Friends Day - Noon Dismissal
  • November 20-24: Thanksgiving Break - No School
Hip hip hooray for quite a LOT of November birthdays!
11/1    Boya    Phatthanaphuti    5th
11/1    Clara    Vasilev    1st
11/2    Beau    McKechnie    6th
11/2    Martha    Nastus    7th
11/2    Scarlett    Paul    K
11/3    Chloe    Champoux    8th
11/3    Luke    Champoux    8th
11/4    Parker    Beale    3rd
11/5    Brennen    Baker    7th
11/7    Will    Brescher    1st
11/8    Benjamin    Shamoun    1st
11/8    Saoirse    Featherstone-Witty    8th
11/8    Ernest    Strang    5th
11/9    Marin    Mailloux    5th
11/13    Willow    Psaradelis    7th
11/13    Melissa    Rashkov    PK
11/14    Elliot    Hudson    1st
11/17    Lucien    Silva    7th
11/19    Willa    Erisman    3rd
11/21    Bailey    Boucher    PK
11/21    Adelina    Shubin    2nd
11/22    Trey    Harman    7th
11/24    Vytautas    Jellison    4th
11/24    Violet    Osborn    PK
11/25    Hazel    Herrick    1st
11/27    Saule    Jellison    PK

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