News & Updates 11/17/23

From Danielle:

Giving Thanks
Grandparents and Special Friends Day is one of our favorite days of the year. A few of you joked with me that it hardly matters what we do, or if everyone sings off-key, these grandparents and special friends are delighted to see our school and our students. It's true! Although it helps that our faculty create thoughtful activities and Mark Carapezza works with our students for months.
Mark enjoys many job titles, including Director of Fun and Artist in Residence, and while those do some justice to his role at our school, clearly he's so much more. In addition to partnering with our students to write original music and create original productions, he serenades students with a ukulele as they arrive at school. After today's performances, he went home and created this video from the day. I hope you enjoy it!
To see more photos and videos, visit us on Instagram
I hope that you’re all able to take some time over break to rest and relax. A student recited a poem he read about relaxing, and I'm delighted to share it with you.
Dear Couch,
I would like to say thanks to you, my couch.
You make me feel like a kangaroo in a pouch.
When I come home from a school’s long day,
You make my headache and bad back go away.
I love laying down to watch a movie
Or just sitting for 5 minutes makes me feel groovy.
Also, hanging out with the family to play charades
And when I feel sick, a nap on you is my only aid…
…well, that and medicine.
Anywho, I’d like to say thanks once again,
For getting me through hard times, and being a close friend.
Tomas Young
P.S. I just realized how sad it is that I said one of my closest friends is a couch.
Danielle Henry Beale
Interim Head of School
  • Mon., Nov. 20-Fri., Nov. 24  - Thanksgiving break - No School
  • Fri., Dec. 8  - Pizza Day
  • Wed., Dec. 20  - Holiday program - Noon Dismissal
  • Thurs., Dec. 21-Tues., Jan 2  - Holiday break - No School
  • Wed., Jan. 3  - Back to school

Families in Need

We're partnering with Fairwinds again this year to provide holiday gifts for families in need. While the past few years we provided gift cards, this year, we're hoping to provide gifts. Please wrap your gift, attach a label with the family member, and drop it off at school before December 11. Below, please find information that Fairwinds has provided about 3 families in need.
Family One 
- One adult female (mom)
- One 18yo male returning from college (son)
- One 16yo male developmentally delayed, loves Paw Patrol and Toy Story. (son)
- One 7yo girl (daughter)
Family Two (Portuguese speaking family only, needs interpreter)
- Two adults, male and female (mom and dad)
- One 5yo girl (daughter)
- One 9yo girl, loves arts & crafts, especially drawing, and loves music (daughter)
Family Three
- One 46yo adult female, wishlist item is a Stop&Shop gift card (mom)
- One 45yo adult male, wishlist item is a pair of sneakers, size 10.5 (father)
- One 22yo adult male, wishlist item is a natural-light therapy lamp that mimics daylight (son)
- One 20yo adult male, wishlist item is a starter acoustic guitar (son)
All families are extremely grateful for any generosity this holiday season. 

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