News & Updates 5/31/24

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From Danielle:

Believe it or not, next week is the last week of this school year! We are packing a lot in so please make note of these special community end-of-year events.

Wednesday, 5/5: Last day of school
Spring Field Day with pizza and fried rice lunch for PK-Grade 8! Students come to school dressed in team colors (same teams as the fall) and ready for fun.

Thursday, 5/6
10:00 AM - 8th grade graduation. Come celebrate and congratulate our wonderful Class of 2024. This event is open to ALL members of the NNS community.
5:00 PM - Summer Kick-Off Party. Please join us in welcoming incoming Head of School, Amy Vorenberg. This event is open to community members 21 and older. Click here to RSVP.

A big part of your child’s summer “work” is to get outside, be active, engage in creative play, travel, spend time with family and friends, create art and music, and have fun! Research has shown time and time again that there are intellectual, social, emotional, and physical benefits to structured and unstructured play for our children. 

Here is an excellent article on just that topic from Harvard Graduate School of Education - it's worth a read! One of my favorite pieces of advice is “Wait out the cries of 'I’m bored.' Kids often have to pass through that initial discomfort and recover the space and presence to be self-directed and curious. But with time, they’ll emerge on the other side and settle into an activity.”  This can be hard to do as a parent, I know firsthand, but it is worth it!

As for academics, the most important thing your child can do over the summer is keep reading! This includes reading independently, being read to, listening to books, and reading to others (including pets who are often excellent listeners!). Encourage your child to read all of his or her favorite genres as well as stretch from time to time to try something new. We highly recommend participating in the Summer Reading Program at The Atheneum. Your child will receive a red Atheneum bag and information from his/her homeroom teacher – keep an eye out for it.

Finally, homeroom teachers will reach out soon with suggestions about summer reading as well as information about an optional math workbook which can help your child keep his/her math skills fresh.
Have a great weekend.
Danielle Henry Beale
Interim Head of School
Hip Hip Hooray for summer birthdays!
6/14    Drew    Tapley    5th
6/15    Chalotte    Costa    PK
6/18    Hayden    Taha    K
6/23    George    Frazier    3rd
6/26    Nathaniel    King    6th
6/30    Mia    Davis    6th
7/1    Crosby    Mitchell    PK
7/2    Tessa    Beni    3rd
7/2    Claire    Conti    PK
7/2    Riley    Massey    2nd
7/2    Margaret    Turner    8th
7/4    Travers    Grant    K
7/5    Evdoxia    Barber    6th
7/8    Andrew    Akins    2nd
7/8    Mason    Scotto    4th
7/9    Francisco    Soares    K
7/17    Markus    Vitanov    8th
7/19    Isla    Grimes    6th
7/21    Tanner    King    7th
7/22    Pierson    Beale    1st
7/23    Juliette    Bell    6th
7/23    Dalton    Frazier    6th
7/23    Matthew    Shubin    7th
7/26    Robert    Brescher    4th
7/27    Nora    Connolly    4th
7/29    Chase    Lugosch    PK
7/29    Madison    Massey    6th
7/31    Maya    Taha    5th
8/4    Guy    Crowley    3rd
8/5    Stone    Strang    2nd
8/7    Frey    Scotto    K
8/12    Sanford    Smith    PK
8/16    Thomas    Kasza    4th
8/17    Knox    Keating    8th
8/22    Lucien    Garrels    PK
8/25    Brooke    Cheney    1st
8/30    Chase    Boyd    4th
From Swim Across America: On July 27th Swim Across America will be holding their annual fundraiser at Jetties Beach.
Swim Across America is dedicated to raising funds and awareness for cancer research, prevention, and treatment. This program allows island cancer patients to receive oncology services at Nantucket Cottage Hospital (NCH) rather than the mainland, saving them from burdensome and expensive travel while suffering from cancer. Participants of all ages and skill levels are welcome to take part, and the emphasis is on camaraderie, teamwork, and the shared goal of making a difference.         
Kate put together a New School team - If you are interested in signing up, please click here.

Nantucket New School