News & Updates 2/5/21

Winter Classic Street Hockey Style
I need to admit something. Today, I missed a meeting because I stopped to watch game 3 of the 1st grade Winter Classic Street Hockey Tournament. The Red team had won a game and the Yellow team had won a game, and when I arrived at the rink in the middle of our parking lot, the third game of the series was already in overtime. It was an incredible back and forth match up, and it was clearly getting a bit competitive. However, even as the competition intensified, I have never heard so many apologies in a hockey game. “Sorry I hit your leg.” “Oh sorry I stepped on your foot.” “Did that hurt? I am so sorry.” As soon as the apology was issued the players dove back into the action. At one point a slap shot left the rink and rolled into my yard. I ran over to grab the ball before my dog Chester could take it. When I returned to the rink, one of the players was in the middle of the action, and he saw me toss the recovered ball back to TJ. With sticks flying around him, this first grader stopped playing, straightened up, waved, and thanked me for returning the ball for their game.  Really? It was absolutely my pleasure. So, to the educational consultant who had to call back a couple times to track me down- I am sorry, but I would probably do the same thing again.  
Vacation Travel and Return
Two weeks from today, we will be starting February/March vacation. In my first two years at the New School, it became very clear that the island takes a long winter nap during these two weeks. Karen and I quickly realized that many of the restaurants and stores that are open year round typically shut down the last week of February because such a large portion of the island travels. We expect that this will happen again, and we simply ask that you are careful and follow the guidance.  Have a safe vacation and please review the schedule below for the week of March 8-12.
Post Vacation Schedule
Monday, March 8, will be a testing day and there will not be any classes. The entire school will be in remote learning for March 9 and 10. As soon as we get the test results back, we will communicate the timing of our return to “in person” learning, and it is our hope that we will welcome all students back to campus on Thursday, March 11.
In order to qualify for the pooled testing on March 8, students must be back in Massachusetts by Friday, March 5. If a student returns after March 5, they must wait for three days after their return and test individually at the VFW. 
Have a great weekend and enjoy the game and commercials!!
Todd Eveleth, Head of School

Nantucket New School