News & Updates 1/27/23

From Todd:

Snow Day?

I was at a conference in Portsmouth for three days this week with heads of schools from all over New England, and the weather almost shut us down. Not because the driving conditions around the resort were challenging, rather, because a storm in western and northern New England was causing schools to plan early releases and cancellations. I knew it was raining on the island- again- so I had no need to worry, but these school leaders were overwhelmed by making these decisions and our meetings emptied out as they fielded calls. These are impressively smart leaders from some of the best schools in the world, and they were scrambling due to the weather conditions changing their school’s schedules.

So here is the hard part. Have you seen the long term forecast for Nantucket? I can tell you the faculty and students of the New School have seen it, and they have already been asking me about next Wednesday and Thursday. The forecast says 5-7 inches of wet snow. Plan early, because if that comes together, we are closed. You will find me at Dead Horse Valley with my inflatable toboggan. It has been too long. Also, there will not be “remote school.” There will be hot chocolate and wet mittens. 

There has not been a snow day in five years. So with that pattern in mind, an NNS student can expect maybe two snow days in their entire PK-8 career? Seriously, that seems mean. I know the hardship and childcare complications that school closure can cause (ask me about working at a school that got hit by the swine flu sometime), but at the same time, snow days are filled with joyful childhood memories, and this lame duck head of school is going to deliver one if we get over 5 inches of snow and the travel is dangerous.

Honestly, I could not think of a better gift to give these amazing NNS students in my last year than the joy of a day filled with snow forts, sledding, and warming up by an outdoor fire.

So Mr. Murley- please give the kids what they want and let the snow fly.

Field Trips

Late winter and spring is the time when NNS classes go on the vast majority of their field trips. The PK is probably our busiest grade, and this year they are traveling weekly to swimming lessons as well. Grades 4-8 all have overnight trips which range from one to three nights this spring. In order to ease the payment process for field trips we will be adding a fee that is payable online through My New School. The Early School fee will be $75, the Lower School fee will be $150, and because of the length and programming of the Upper School trips, their fee will be $350. If this fee creates a hardship for your family, please email Lori Corry, and we will try to make adjustments where possible. These fees will not completely cover the costs of the trips, so NNS will pay for some of the expenses. We will also still do some fundraising to support the trips, but that process has become dramatically more complicated as the size of the student body has increased and the cost of the trips has inflated. Next year it is our plan to have this fee included in the enrollment contract and added to your payment plan. Click here to access the payment form. Thank you. 
Ever Grateful,
Todd Eveleth
Head of School

Nantucket New School