News & Updates 3/17/23

From Todd:

Skating Trip

Let’s all face it, the first few days of school after a two week vacation can be a challenge as we transition back into the classroom. Then we add in the complications of daylight savings time, and I was a bit worried about what we would face this week.

Monday afternoon, I stopped by the PK classroom just to check in on their vacations. There was a group of students reading with their teacher by the fireplace. One student on the edge of the circle was face down on the hardwood floor, eyes shut, and snoring. I could definitely relate to that level of exhaustion.

Even with a community feeling a bit tired, today, we brought all the students in grades K-8 to the rink for some skating. There was only one injury, and the young man was a trooper. Even though he needed some stitches, he was really just upset because he wanted to keep skating with his friends.

The Lower School students arrived for the second half of the morning, and let me tell you, we have some youngsters who can fly. I joined them on the ice for about 40 minutes, and all the stress and exhaustion from a busy first week back slipped away as I chased students around the rink. When the lights suddenly went out and the disco effects started, I will admit some nervousness, but the students could not have been more excited and the general tone was so absolutely joyful.

Thanks to all the parents who joined us to shuttle students, tie skates, give out hot chocolate, and patrol the rink. We couldn’t have events like this without you. We also have a few parents who are exceptional skaters. Could there be a New School adult hockey team in the future?  

We hustled back from the rink and right into pizza day, and I owe more thanks to all the parents who helped put that lunch together. I knew it had been a busy morning when I suddenly realized I had not had a sip of coffee, and it was 1:30.

It was a great morning at the rink. Will and Ned and the rest of the staff at Nantucket Ice were great with our kids. This event has become a really nice tradition, and all the feedback I received from veteran skaters to first-timers was absolutely positive. 


I know Nantucket is somewhat famous for very short and very late springs, but I love this time of year. It is great to see businesses that have taken a winter break coming back to life, and there are daffodils in my yard waiting to explode. This time of year you start to feel the cycle of the island community in a powerful way, and maybe because it is an island, I notice it more than any other place I have lived. I feel like the kids notice it too. They are wrapping up their winter activities and lacrosse sticks and baseball gloves have emerged. The worst of winter is probably behind us, and earlier this week a student was certain that the Juice Bar was opening in less than a week. I am pretty sure that opening is still a ways off, but I do know that the Duck Race is right around the corner!! 


Next week on Friday, we will have some construction happening on campus. We will need to dig a trench in order to connect the sprinkler system in the New School to the new sprinkler system in Strong Wings. This process should only take a couple hours, but please avoid that area if you are around during the middle of the day.


This admissions season resulted in many families being placed on wait lists. We are always hopeful to add as many new island families as possible, but in order to do that we need to make sure we take care of our current families first. If you have not already returned your contract, please make sure you sign and submit your that as soon as possible. We hope everyone is returning, but we also know that plans change. Thanks for your help. 

Field Trip Season

The arrival of spring means field trip season is also here, and we have a full slate of experiential learning planned for all the grades. If you have not paid your field trip fee, please click here to access the payment form. These fees do not cover the full costs of trips, but between some fundraising and the schools share of the expenses, we are able to offer some rich experiences. Again, thanks for your help.

Happy St. Patrick's Day and have a great weekend.
Ever Grateful,
Todd Eveleth
Head of School
Hip hip hooray for March birthdays!
3/2    Everett Hollister    1st
3/2    Owen Hollister    1st
3/4    Owen Graziadei    PK
3/8    Eden Palka    PK
3/9    Lila Garrette    5th
3/12    Olivia Shuttleworth    5th
3/17    Stella Hull    4th
3/19    Grace Keane    8th
3/19    Lily Sylvia    7th
3/21    Max Getoor    PK
3/24    Eden Myers    5th
3/25    Daniella Morris    6th
3/26    David Dimitrov    PK
3/26    Finley Getoor    3rd
3/26    Faye Pearson    2nd
3/30    Lincoln Wall    1st
Maria Mitchel Afterschool Series: Offering transportation from Nantucket New School!
  • Every Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday
    2:20pm - 4:45pm
    Grades K -5
  • April 4, 5, &6
    April 11, 12 &13
    Spring Break Program- April 17 - 21
    April 25, 26, &27
  • Sign up per week or contact Camden Palm at for specific dates.
  • Click here for more information.
Nantucket Science Festival: Saturday, March 18 10am-2pm
  • As part of our Xblock program, a group of students interviewed residents of the island and learned about their stories, what brought them to Nantucket, and what they value about the island. Forest Bell led the student group of Annabelle Burton, Roan LaScola, Edward Holland, Luke Champoux, Albina Tepsur, and Tomas Young. We are so proud of their creative efforts!

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