News & Updates 5/5/23

From Danielle:

Community Service
Empathy and compassion are two things we talked about a lot this week at school, and it was perfectly fitting that our 8th graders presented their community service projects at Morning Meetings. The 8th graders volunteered with a number of different organizations, including the Nantucket Food Pantry, Nantucket Ballet, and the Nantucket Historical Association.

There are so many reasons why community service is a graduation requirement here at the New School. Students can strengthen their community ties and develop meaningful relationships with people of different backgrounds, and they can learn about the challenges that members of their community face and develop a greater understanding of the needs of others. One student even said that this service helped her become more comfortable emailing people she didn’t know - a vital life skill! 

Tim began these presentations by asking students to define “community service,” and we pieced it together as a group: giving your time or energy to make a positive difference without any expectation of a reward. While they didn’t receive a reward, I can tell that they feel a sense of accomplishment and purpose, which they felt was a really worthwhile benefit.

Nature’s Classroom
For many of our 5th graders, the trip to Nature’s Classroom in New Hampshire is their first experience away from home, which can be challenging for some students. It sounds like those first-night-away jitters were gone in the blink of an eye, and they’ve been “absolute rockstars” according to Olivia, who I spoke to this morning. They’ve been going on night hikes, singing songs (a lot of Taylor Swift), building campfires, making forts, and taking courses in erosion, endangered species, and even whittling!

Spring is Here
If you have a moment, come and take a walk around campus - the trees out front have bloomed! The greenhouse is buzzing with planting activity and the sound of peeping chicks. Plants have begun to be transferred into our new raised bed gardens next to Strong Wings, and students in the Upper School have been working tirelessly to get them ready for the growing season.

Teacher Appreciation
Next week is Teacher Appreciation Week. You'll notice that there is a new bulletin board installation in the front hall, and you're encouraged to come in and add a note of appreciation. Thank you to Erin Myers and Alanna Lucas for their work on this!
Students of all ages have already begun adding notes, and I saw one that appreciated Taste Test Tuesdays in Kimmie's 2nd grade. I'd like to second that one! Please join us in filling up the board.
Danielle Henry Beale
Assistant Head of School for Advancement
On May 13th we will have one of our most important fundraisers of the year - The Great Nantucket Duck Race! Our goal is to get 100% participation from our students. Sales can be made over the phone by calling (508)228-8569, visiting our website: The Great Nantucket Duck Race! , or by filling out the paper form. If you chose to utilize the paper form, please have your child return it to the front office once completed by MAY 10TH (don't forget to fill in your child's name, so they can win great prizes)! 
  • Thurs., May 11 - PA Presents Karaoke Night at The Gaslight
  • Fri., May 12 - Pizza Day
  • Sat., May 13 - The Great Nantucket Duck Race
  • Mon.., May 29 - Memorial Day - No School
  • Tues., June 6 - End of 2nd Semester
  • Wed., June 7 - Field Day/Pizza Day - Last Day of School
  • Thurs., June 8 - Graduation  
  • Fri., June 9 - Summer Kick-off Party

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